This is the Annual S.N.S.R. Organization membership for all kyu ranks (colored belts from white to brown). By paying $35 you are granted access to each rank that you earn throughout the calendar year. You also receive these member benefits:

  • Access to membership Web site: Contains rank checklists, detailed requirements, kata descriptions tips, terminology definitions, helpful videos and other useful karate resources for each rank you earn during the year.
  • New membership earns you the official Seiyo-No Shorin-Ryu Karate Oak Tree uniform patch
  • A membership card (You'll need to show proof of membership at all rank tests)
  • Discounts on karate gear & equipment
  • Exclusive invitations and special rates for SNSR Training Workshops and Events  
Annual membership fees are due in December each year. *If you are a new member and register between September to December then your membership will carry over through the next year.

Please note, if you are a black belt, this does not cover your membership. You will need to purchase the black belt S.N.S.R. membership for $65 annually. Click here to do so.